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Any New Tile Design In The 2017 Guangzhou Design Week

Dec 07, 2017


2017 Guangzhou Design Week has ended, Foshan has more than 30 exhibitors ceramic enterprises, booth design and product display are quite bothering above.

 The exhibition is divided into five major theme exhibition area, the exhibition area of 60,000 +, is expected professional visitors will exceed 180,000 people. Which tile products most owners, designers, distributors and other professional audience attention?

1.) Modern simplicity, Chinese style, multiple mashups and other styles run through them, Glazed tile ,wood tiles, pattern  tile , marble tiles and other products are displayed.


2.) Terrazzo tiles, very large particle effect eye-catching personality, with hangers, mannequins, a strong sense of space business.


3.)29 ° Corundum Marble tile  4.0 is the flagship product, using satin technology, Many size available  (900 * 900,600 * 1200,900 * 1800). Fusion of space, nebula, bamboo and other concrete patterns, greatly enhance the product artistic sense.


4.) The main industrial wind, the product surface effect is rich, the same product has huge tooth surface, Flat , convex surface, rock surface 4 kinds of touch, the main recommend  900 × 1800mm 


5.)The main recommend  large-size products and lines Corundum Marble tile . Among them, the line of soft marble high-definition inkjet can reach 440dpi, a stone multi-face (8-25 design not repeat), the use of 55 degrees Corundum, the effect is more realistic. The main recommend large product specifications 750 × 1500mm, 900x1800mm mainly as ancillary products.


6.) Anion ceramic tile, booth design to symbolize the health, vitality of the main green tone, and health and environmental protection of negative ions ceramic tile product line with the concept of conformity.


All of the above new Design tile (Glazed  Marble tile , wood tiles, pattern  tile , Anion ceramic tile,Corundum Marble tile,satin tile and Big size slim tile )  . it is available in our Show room ,Welcome come to visit us in Foshan ,China 

Website: http://www.rockpearltile.com/