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Different Shapes Mosaic Tile

May 10, 2017

In recent years, the use of mosaic tiles in the home decoration gradually become widely, has become the new darling of the backdrop decoration, mosaic decoration focus on personalized design, no longer stick to the traditional way of paving, will be different colors, different specifications, different Shape of the mosaic, with a new design concept to be combined to show the modern family of fashion, the pursuit of personality. And in the home decoration, especially in the bathroom often used to mosaic, then how will the small space will also make shine it? Today, Tu Mei for everyone to share some of the bathroom mosaic tile design renovation case map, ready to renovate everyone may wish to refer to.

The use of mosaic collage, changing the color can activate the atmosphere of the bathroom, but also add a few warm and interesting, in advocating individual expression today, mosaic become the new favorite of decoration is not surprising.

It is worth noting that: the color of the bathroom mosaic tiles should not be too strong and jump, otherwise it will make people feel depressed or bring emotional fluctuations, so when laying the bathroom mosaic tiles, you should try to make people feel calm and peaceful colors, Also on the color do not have a large contrast, it is best to have primary and secondary points.

Material and physical characteristics of the different mosaic is probably divided into shell mosaic, ceramic mosaic, metal mosaic, etc., with the development of technology, a variety of new materials, mosaic also appeared, the shape of the mosaic is no longer confined to the square, These are better to meet the needs of consumers of various home improvement. Then we will briefly introduce several popular mosaic.

Mosaic can be used for local decorative embellishment, can also be a large area of paving, different characteristics of the mosaic can be flexible for different space, resulting in endless decorative effect, can be described as diversity, decorative and practical both Of the interior decoration materials. Here through the case to teach you how to carry out home mosaic with each place.

Mosaic specifications are generally 31cm × 31cm, there are 30cm × 30cm. As a single piece of mosaic cutting is very difficult, only the manufacturers can be a perfect cut, so when the decoration design should consider the mosaic specifications, try to meet the material modulus, to avoid cumbersome cutting.

For example, with a mosaic tile to do a bathroom backdrop, then it can be designed to 60cm × 60cm, so that with 4 30cm × 30cm can be fully paved, to avoid unnecessary cutting.

Mosaic price span is very large, from the material point of view, the more traditional ceramic mosaic is probably tens of dollars per square, cheaper, suitable for large area paving; and glass mosaic in general have hundreds of thousands of dollars, more Is used to decorate embellishment. In addition, the complexity of splicing is the main factor affecting prices.

Mosaic itself has a difference in thickness, ranging from two millimeters to five millimeters. Some special material mosaic can even reach a centimeter. In addition mosaic and tile thickness is also different, so in order to make the overall flat wall, and sometimes to consider in the thinner area to do a leveling layer.

Into the block between the mosaic of the gap must be uniform, and the size of the spacing should be small pieces of mosaic between the original seam spacing equal to the whole wall to see the past is one of the molding, do not see a large by a large The mosaic of the mosaic is made.

Mosaic tiles in the paving process may appear like a stream of pulp, slump and so on, these conditions are generally due to the construction rhythm did not grasp the good cause. It is better to wait for a batch of cement after a little curing, and then paste a number of the top, then the effect will be spread out more ideal.

Now generally use caulking agent to tackle. With wet white cement first wipe it again, and then dry it as soon as possible curing cement, and finally wipe with a dry towel, so out of the mosaic wall effect is more uniform, decorative effect is much stronger than the block, because the look is not Out of construction joints.