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Mosaic Tile The Darling Of Decorative Materials

May 17, 2017

 Mosaic Tile Mosaic tiles, people will not feel strange, as early as the early 80s, that is, many families laying bathroom wall, ground material. Today, the mosaic tiles come back, with a colorful form to become the darling of decorative materials, much avant-garde, fashion family of all ages.

Mosaic is one of the oldest known decorative arts, it is the use of small tiles or small pottery to create the pattern. In modern times, the mosaic is more of a kind of tiles, it is a kind of special existence of the brick, usually composed of dozens of small pieces of brick to form a relatively large brick. It is small and exquisite, colorful features are widely used in indoor small area of the ground, walls and outdoor large size walls and the ground. Mosaic due to the smaller size, you can make some puzzles, resulting in gradient effect.

 Mosaic Tile Mosaic became the decorative material, the first to be found in the use of architectural decoration on the mosaic is the Soviet-American temple wall, in the cross of the two rivers of Europe Mesopotamia plain temple wall mosaic mosaic of decorative patterns, The beauty of the sun dog's mosaic pattern is found by many of the earliest mosaic spells. The archaeological discoveries are the ancient Greek era, the ancient Greeks marble mosaic pavement application is very common, when the most commonly used form is black and white with each other from the pavement mosaic, then only the authority of the rulers and money Of the rich people can afford the craftsmen and the purchase of materials, with mosaic mosaic into a variety of patterns to decorate their own place to live. With mosaic for the performance of the decoration was the luxury of art, the development of the late ancient Greece, some craftsmen and artists to

Mosaic Tile Mosaic pattern

More diversified to enrich its architectural decoration works, began to use more small pieces of gravel, and with their own hand-cut small stone through a variety of colors with the combination to complete a mosaic mosaic works, paved in the building The walls, on the ground, on the cylinder, its original, rugged artistic expression, is the mosaic history and culture of precious wealth.