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Pattern Decoration Tile For Wall And Floor, Any Interested In ?

Dec 21, 2017

Pattern decoration tile for wall and floor, Any interested in ?

1. Paving for Floor as Normal  Floor tile

Pattern  decoration tile with some plain color wall and furniture , the space look more colorful and elegance

2.Paving for Floor as Carpet  tile

Living room, study, bathroom can be used the pattern decoration tile 

It is easy to cleaner than the real Carpet .

3.Pattern  decoration tile for  Background Wall

Refuse monotonous wall effect, An excellent background wall, should be able to make people never forget, with Pattern  decoration tile  can do it.

Background Wall.png

4.Pattern  decoration tile for Skirting tile 

Divided space should also be delicate and beautiful

5.Pattern  decoration tile for accessories deco

A few decoration tile , good enough

6.       Two difference Pattern decoration tile mix paving

Mix paving a new visual experience

7.       Pattern  decoration tile for  border tile


Pattern  decoration tile for  border tile  to create the golden ratio

      Border width, texture can be selected, commonly used in the bathroom and kitchen.  A fine and pleasant waistline, enough to make people miss.

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