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Tile Classification To Be Clear, Only To Find Out The Type Of Tiles In Order To Choose When The Tiles Are Not Fooled

Mar 20, 2017

Tiles from the appearance of points, usually for the two categories, namely glazed tiles and non-glazed tiles. Glazed tiles are commonly used in kitchens and toilets, while non-glazed tiles are mainly used in living rooms and other areas. Professional angle is divided according to the water absorption of tiles, the first category is porcelain brick (water absorption E ≤ 0.5%), the market mainly polished tiles, industrial tiles, glaze matt tiles, and so on several;

The second category is stoneware tile (0.5% 10%), the market has an inner wall tiles, glazed bright anti-skid tiles two. Under normal circumstances the lower the water absorption, the better the quality, the better the decorative effect, the use of the more comfortable. Choose suitable for the material kitchen, bathroom, balcony and other regions, most of the ground brick matte non-slip tiles to prevent the soup so that the water so that the ground slippery, so the choice of tiles non-slip is the first.

The current comparison of the specifications to 100 × 100 and 800 × 8000,600 × 600-based. Living room, aisle and outdoor walkway generally choose the size of 600 × 600 or more, the material selection surface is relatively wide, mainly based on consumer economic capacity to decide.

Professionals recommend consumers, the best choice for the material a little better tiles, because the tile decoration and wood floor decoration is different from the tiled renovation is very troublesome, it is best to a decoration in place, do not lose big. Focus on the brand technology Tiles brand design style and color, has been with international standards, manufacturing technology and technology has been very mature. In the GB is higher than the European standard building materials products, tiles is one of the few building materials. For example, the national standard test method of ceramic tile is 150 ℃ temperature, 0.5MPa pressure cycle once, 1.0MPa pressure under the seven times before passing the factory allowed. Therefore, the domestic first-line brand cost-effective, choose the domestic brand consumers will not suffer.