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Wall Tile Home Plus A Personalized Design

May 10, 2017

When you come back in the room, always feel the lack of creative personality highlights, do not know if you have not noticed the foot of the floor or tile tiles, as well as the white tiles on the wall? Look at the design of today's Atlas, to the home plus a design of it!

Many home decoration will choose to shop in the wall paving tiles, but there is a problem is often overlooked - wall and brick at the right angle of the junction of how to deal with?

The traditional paving program is mainly two kinds, one is the wall pressure floor tiles, the other is the tiles to the wall brick. What are the differences between the two methods in terms of operation and effectiveness? How can the head of households choose the appropriate operating plan as needed?

◆ wall pressure floor tiles:

1) hanging paving wall - in the bottom of the wall under a row of ceramic tile position, leaving blank wall paving, paving when the need to hang the bomb line leveling;

2) paving tiles - wall paving after the end of paving tiles;

3) embedded in the bottom of the wall brick - to be tiles after drying, in the beginning to leave the location of the last row of embedded wall, wall directly on the floor tiles.

◆ floor tile wall:

1) preparation process - do the preparation of the wall surface, including grassroots clean, plaster, leveling, waterproof, etc .;

2) wall stickers - first wall bricks paving, in the bottom of the wall a tile began to pave up;

3) paste the tiles - wall tiles after the completion of paving tiles paving, tiles straight to the wall began to pave the way.

Wall tiles to the floor tiles

1, construction difficulty

From the above operation process can be seen, the difficulty of wall tiles is much greater than the floor tile brick.

When the floor brick wall, the wall construction can be completed at one time, high efficiency; and wall pressure floor tile processing is required in the wall tiles paving finished and dry before embedding the last row of wall tiles, construction time longer.

Tile pressure wall tiles are basically conventional paving, convenient and quick and difficult; wall pressure floor tiles need to ensure that mortar adhesion to avoid empty or even fall off, leaving empty tiles when the need to float the bomb line leveling, and the other when the final embedded wall Ground cutting wall to make it with the ground fit, time-consuming and laborious, very sophisticated paste the master of the craft.

2, waterproof performance

When the floor brick wall, in the paving process can not guarantee the protection of the waterproof base, and the walls of water stains easily along the brick into the mortar layer, the breeding of bacteria and even cause moldy, odor and so on; and if it is brick tiles, Surface of the water droplets will flow directly to the tiles glazed, the tiles on the water will flow along the ground slope to the floor drain, drainage better.

3, heat resistance

In some geothermal families, due to geothermal changes caused by the ground temperature, if it is tiles pressure wall tiles, tiles easily due to thermal expansion after squeezing the wall; the other hand, if the wall pressure, wall and concrete walls have a certain telescopic Room, tiles are not easy to squeeze out the problem.

4, beautiful effect

When the tiles are pressed against the wall, the wall and floor tiles are exposed to the line of sight, and the wall pressure, the overall appearance of the ground will not have too much gap, visually more beautiful. However, when the wall pressure when the bottom row of brick cutting is not good, the degree of beauty will be greatly reduced.