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Wall Tile The Basic Profile

May 17, 2017

  wall tile  Wall tiles (referred to as wall bricks) for toilet, kitchen, outdoor balcony facade decoration. Stick wall is an effective way to protect the wall from water splash. They are used not only for walls, but also on the edge of doors and windows. It is also an interesting decorative element. Used for decorative wall tiles at the base line. Both beautiful and protective wall base is not easy to be shoes or tables and chairs stool feet dirty. For the pool and bathroom tiles, to be beautiful, moisture and wear both.

 wall tile Different rooms, suitable for different wall tiles, the choice is based on the structure of the room shape and size and indoor lighting is good or bad. According to the specifications, there are 200mm × 300mm, 200mm × 280mm, 200mm × 260mm, 250mm × 250mm ......

Outer wall tiles as a kind of tiles, with superior features. It does not adsorb dirt, long-term use will not be bad, the acid rain also has a strong ability to resist. Outer wall tiles compared with other external walls of the material itself is a strong anti-pollution building materials. Such as: almost no water, do not absorb dirt; above 1000 ℃ high temperature firing, semi-permanent does not deteriorate; have strong acid and alkali resistance, even if the acid rain is not affected. But by the use of the state, the external wall will be dirt. According to Inna's research on the anti-fouling research of external wall tiles, almost all of the dirt and soot produced by the exhaust gas, soot, dust and so on are mostly around the window frame. Black spots and other special eye-catching.

  wall tile Inside the wall of water absorption is relatively high, resulting in color after water absorption, under normal circumstances, until the wall is dry, the color will be eliminated. Outside the wall are acid and alkali test, immersed in 10% acid, alkali solution does not change color, before leaving the factory, the general pool by adding bleach, its acidity is very low, will not produce corrosion on the tile.

 wall tile Wall tiles have a high moisture content, which must be taken into account when pasting. Tile before the base should be fully watering wet, tiles should also be soaked in water for at least 20 minutes before use. Otherwise, the moisture in the mortar is quickly absorbed by the dry base layer and the tiles and quickly condense, will affect the adhesion fastness. Wall tiles will also absorb moisture from the cement, so that the cement can not play the role of adhesive. In addition, each brand wall brick water absorption is not the same, this depends on experience to master.