New Design Colourful Popular S-trap Toilet

Product Description new design colourful popular S-trap toilet Name: Hot sale toilet , colourful toilet , popular toilet , S-trap toilet ect Loading Port: Foshan/Guangzhou/Chaozhou, China Suitable for washroom or bathroom,toilet etc Payment term: T.T or LC Delivery time : 25-30days. Product Show...

Product Details

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1) High temperature microcrystalline, easy to clean the face

2) Slow Down Seat Cover

Quality seat cover are important to the longevity of your toilet, Cheap toilet made with normal thinner seat cover. The quality is about 50% of Soft closing seat cover. Rockpearl are using all soft closing seat cover and PP material, it is more harder than others. Lasting over 5 years and not easy to scratch.

3) Exhause Pipe with fully Glazed inner part

Aqua Gallery toilet that have branded flush which can lasting 6 years no leaking, Also CE, CUPC, CSA, Water Mark Approved if clients need.

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